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Curious about CurieUs?

CurieUs is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) consisting of eleven Nuclear Graduates. We are all currently seconded to various organisations in the nuclear industry in a variety of different fields and this diverse set of skills is the driving force behind Race to Net Zero.

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A CurieUs Product
About Us

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to inspire future generations to take advantage of the new opportunities developing in the UK nuclear industry, in an interactive and engaging way. To achieve this, we have created a board game that highlights the challenges of reaching Net Zero and the joint role renewables and nuclear will play in the future energy mix.   

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Our Product

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Following our slogan 'Enabling education through play and discussion', Race to Net Zero turns learning about sustainable energy into an interactive and conversational activity.

Race to Net Zero is a virtual board game, blended with physical cards, where the goal is to help your island reach net zero first, by answering science curriculum based questions and dealing with weather, policy and world events that affect your island.


We have aimed Race to Net Zero at students aged 11-14 and designed it to be played in classrooms or beyond. This is because it has been reported that while children engage well with science in primary school, interest declines quickly in the following years ​[1] and we want to address this decline!


[1] - Institution of Mechanical Engineers, "When STEM? A Question of Age.," IMechE, London, May 2010.



Race to Net Zero (RTNZ) is a collaborative board game where your goal is to progress across the board, aiming to be the first to reach the finish line. Your mission is to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, by answering energy themed questions, to successfully achieve your island's net zero carbon emissions goals.


  1. To access the virtual board, open the RTNZ Tabletopia using this link

  2. Shuffle the "Breaking News" and "Question" cards separately, placing them in their respective decks.

  3. Split the group evenly into teams of 1-5, with each team selecting a token to represent their island on the board. We recommend that you limit the number of teams to 6. 

  4. Place all tokens at the starting point on the virtual game board, before the first circle labelled '1'.


How to Play:

Choose a team to kick off the game and then proceed clockwise.

On a team's turn, they do the following:

  • Roll the virtual dice.

  • Move their virtual team token forward the number of spaces rolled on the dice.

  • Resolve the space they land on:

  • If it's a regular space, they simply remain where they have landed.

  • If it's a “Breaking News" space, draw a Breaking News card, read the event aloud, and follow its instructions. Some events may help or hinder your progress.

  • If it's a "Question" space, draw a "Question" card, read the question aloud, then discuss the answer within your team. The team must then agree on an answer and announce it to all other players. Then follow the instructions on the card based on if the answer was correct or not.

  • Remember: Teams can only draw one card per turn!

  • Continue taking turns, following the above steps, until one team reaches the finish line​​

When playing RTNZ, players are encouraged to learn and discuss sustainability topics as they answer questions during the game.

Winning the Game:

The first team to reach the finish line is the winner of "Race to Net Zero."

If you Cannot Access Tabletopia:

  • A link to a printable RTNZ board is provided on our website. Simply open this and print the board (ideally in A3, depending on class size).

  • If you're using the paper board, dice and tokens can be sourced from around the classroom. Feel free to get creative with the tokens!

Our Charity Partner

Our Charity Partner

All the profits from sales of Race to Net Zero will go to In2scienceUK.

To learn more explore their webs


"In2ScienceUK is a charity dedicated to promoting social mobility in STEM. Our mission is to create opportunities for young people from low-income backgrounds to progress to STEM degrees and careers so they can achieve their potential to become the next generation of researchers, innovators, and pioneers." 

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